Pugh Lubricants understands the value of minimized downtime. Our products are among the most highly regarded in the industry and our salespeople have the technical knowledge and experience to support your business. Pugh Lubricants has what it takes to protect your investment and keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency. 


  • Hydraulic & Turbine Oils
  • Heavy Duty EP Gear Oils
  • Sawguide Oils
  • Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Food Grade Oils
  • Metalworking Fluids
  • Specialty Greases

In addition to our quality lubricants we offer an extensive line of related products including:

  • Absorbent Products and Spill Kits
  • Cleaners, Solvents and Degreasers
  • Aerosol Lubricants & Cleaners

We also offer a variety of services designed to help you achieve maximum efficiency and return on investment:

  • Consultant Services
  • Lube & Plant Surveys
  • Lubricant Training
  • Oil Analysis
  • Waste Oil Management
  • Lube Equipment